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Why we roast coffee...? 

My passion for coffee started after a trip to Costa Rica, where I tasted the most remarkable Tarrazú.  Who knew coffee could taste so amazing...?

After returning to Colorado, I was in the pursuit of finding more coffee like it.  To no avail, I started researching how to roast coffee and discovered I could do so by using a popcorn popper.  From there, my interest in roasting and learning more about coffee began and one thing led to another and Dā Moon Coffee Co. was formed.  

Our goal at Dā Moon Coffee Co. is to source great coffee and roast each seed,  as it should be roasted, to bring out the uniqueness and clarity of that coffee and have it finish clean with bright acidity to highlight the floral, fruity and savory flavors.  

The Dā Moon is on the rise to elevate your coffee experience, because we Love coffee that much! 

One Valdez
Dā Moon Coffee Co.